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What is a Psychic Reading?

What is a Psychic Reading?

Most people think of a psychic as a clairvoyant, yet this is really only one type of psychic. It also seems that most people have their own  conceptions about this word “psychic”.

A psychic is anyone with intuitive abilities, intuitive sensitivities, who can use those abilities to help someone else by giving them information, by offering insight gained with their intuition that would not otherwise be available to the person looking for assistance.. This can be done in many interesting ways, using many methods and many devices, such as Tarot cards, Astrology, Runes.

What a psychic does is to perceive energies, energy fields, connecting with helping entities around you, their ability to see pictures, and images, hear sounds, and feel feelings, either directly, or through various devices, that allow them to see answers you may not be able to see for yourself.

So a person who is psychic is someone who has an extra sensitive connection to the world around them. Everyone has this ability to a certain extent, and through practice can develop it should they desire to.

As there are several answers to this question, and several types of psychic, lets look at three different types of psychic abilities.

Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience these are a three sensitivities that come under the word psychic. Most psychics find that they are strongest in one of these fields over the others. Some may not manifest all three, so a person maybe clairsentient and not clairvoyant, or clairvoyant but not clairaudient, each unique, and interesting.


Clairsentience is also spoken of as Clear Feelings. The people who are strongly Clairsentience will rely on their feelings/instincts. This ability is about touch, and sensing their feelings. It’s the most complicated ability, and one that can take time, possibly years to mature fully. It manifests itself as the ability to sense feelings around them, pressure and temperature, both in the physical realm, and in the spiritual realm.


Clairvoyance is the ability to see things, Clairvoyant means clear seeing. Psychics that utilize this skill have the ability to see images or visions that are related to the individual’s life.  Clairvoyants can tap into the energy system of the client and see the past, present, and future.   The modern understanding of the word psychic is often synonymous for clairvoyant.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear things. Clairaudience is clear hearing.  A psychic who is clairaudient will receive information through sounds.   The audio information may be either symbolic, or literal.   In both cases, the clairaudient is able to interpret the meaning of the sounds to the client.

These are only three of many, I will describe others in other articles, Astronomy, Aura reading, Channeling, Numerology, Palmistry, Rune Readings, I-ching.

Psychic Word Origin & History
Psychic 1871 (n.) “a medium;” 1873 (adj.) “of or pertaining to the human soul” (earlier psychical, 1642), from Gk. psykhikos “of the soul, spirit, or mind,” from psykhe- “soul, mind” (see psyche).
Meaning “characterized by psychic gifts” first recorded 1895.

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